Calling all wordsmiths


I came across a fun word game on the internet today.


  • Take a word and remove the first letter.

  • Now make up a definition for your new word.


FAMISHED: Hungering for a simpler way of life.

SHAMPOO: Soap for washing a pig.

SHAREHOLDER: Investor in a company that makes magician's hats.

CHIPMUNK: Squirrel that digs jazz.

DIARRHEA: Running on about oneself.

PICKPOCKET: A place to put used Kleenex.

FRISKIES: Cat food made in China.

SUNRISE: Going back to bed in the morning.

FRANTIC: Desperately raving.

SOFTWARE: A program you use a lot.

TABLEWARE: Crockery that really does the job.

BLACKLIST: All the stuff you don't have.