A Good Read


I read a lot! I started reading (for pleasure) in College when I had a job working in a gas station booth on the swing shift during the summer with no good Calculus homework to occupy my time. I picked up one of Issac Asimov's Foundation books to keep from going bonkers. Ever since, you can usually catch me half way through several different books. I'm reading about 5 right now. Consequently, my kids having acquired a love of books and can often be found throughout the house buried in some book.

Anyway, I just finished reading a really good book. So good that I wanted to recommend it to others. David Bodanis, has written an awesome book titled, Electric Universe - The Shocking True Story of Electricity. David has selected some key discoveries (certainly not all) that have formed what we have come to know about electricity and how to harness it. Then drawing on the research he has done on the details of the people and places behind the events, David presents an extemely engaging narrative that draws you in as the story unfolds. David does a great job of describing the electronic processes involved in simple approachable terms that makes it an easy read for someone who is not an electrical engineer.