Interesting stuff


One of the things I enjoy alot is my time around the dinner table with my family is the weird stuff I find on the internet. It seems like everyday, I come home with something interesting to talk about that I saw on the internet. Here is the list for tonight.

First, Tim Tucker has come up with a great idea. Merging the fun of play Tetirs, with the bored of regular exercise. Checkout Tetris Weightlifting. This is a lot more exciting that Dance Dance Revolution. Primarily, because I don't have to put quarters dollars in a machine each time to exercise, and I love Tetris.

Schwinn has a line of electric bikes. The motors are in the front hub and the batteries are very small and very high power.

Finally, someone has slowed down Alvin and the Chimpmonks so you can hear how the real singers sound. This is almost a homeschool science and technology unit study in the making.

Update: replaced dead links.