Over the past several years, I have written some fairly useful (or useless depending on your perspective) web based applications. Here they are, presented in no particular order.

Update – My new webhost does not do ASP pages and so these need to be rewritten. Being OCD, I am taking the time to do it right. So far I have only completed one, others will
come online as they get ported.

  • Nutrition Database – Allows you to query a nutrition database (provided by the USDA) for Carbohydrate and Protien counts for over 65000 foods.
  • Unit Conversion – Allows you to convert between many common and not so common lengths, volumes and weights.
  • Hangman – A simple web based game.
  • Scramble – Another simple web based game.
  • Trivia – How well do you know your states?
  • Thoughts Of Love – Romantic notions.
  • Random Wit – The name speaks for itself.
  • Math Worksheet Generator – Many a homeschooler, including my own children have loathed me for this.
  • Maze Generator – Generates a random maze with exactly one solution. Prints on one page.
  • Funny Pages Generator – Pulls the daily funnies from many places and presents them in much the same format as a traditional newspaper.