When I was in school I learned a mnemonic for remembering the digits in Pi. Simply count the number of the letters in each word of the phrase:

“Yes, I shot a moose yesterday as George drove”

When you do this you get 3.14159265

Late last year, my daughter came to work with me and for fun she worked on extending it out to the following phrase:

“Yes, I shot a moose yesterday as George drove you crazy insanely bantering because Elisabeth had to say brothers need wisdom to vacuum your rug and remember not to reserve uncovered pizza.”

This gives you the much more impressive 3.1415926535897932384626433832795

Unfortunately, we had to stop there as the next digit in Pi is 0.

I came across a fun word game on the internet today.


  • Take a word and remove the first letter.
  • Now make up a definition for your new word.


Hungering for a simpler way of life.
Soap for washing a pig.
Investor in a company that makes magician’s hats.
Squirrel that digs jazz.
Running on about oneself.
A place to put used Kleenex.
Cat food made in China.
Going back to bed in the morning.
Desperately raving.
A program you use a lot.
Crockery that really does the job.
All the stuff you don’t have.

A friend mentioned this video playlist on YouTube. I have been pondering the ramifications ever since. As the author states, I never learned about this in school either. It certainly is a lot to think about.

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  • January 18, 2008

This morning, Micah was holding Miriam while doing his reading assignment. Later he was asked in his English assignment to write a descriptiive paragraph and here is what he wrote.

A young child makes time go backwards. When you hold her, warmth bursts into your body. She is a rainbow, and her eyes are always watching. She removes your frowns and gives smiles to the world.

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  • August 4, 2007

Summer is in full swing here and so I haven’t had much time to do anything out on the internet but I did want to share a very cool couple of videos. My kids really want to try this at home. They are trying to convince me that it is a good homeschool science project.

One of the things I enjoy alot is my time around the dinner table with my family. It seems like everyday, I come home with something interesting to talk about that I saw on the internet. Here is the list for tonight.

First, Tim Tucker has come up with a great idea. Merging the fun of play Tetirs, with the bored of regular exercise. Checkout Tetris Weightlifting. This is a lot more exciting that Dance Dance Revolution. Primarily, because I don’t have to put quarters dollars in a machine each time to exercise, and I love Tetris.

Schwinn has a line of electric bikes. The motors are in the front hub and the batteries are very small and very high power.

Finally, someone has slowed down Alvin and the Chimpmonks so you can hear how the real singers sound. This is almost a homeschool science and technology unit study in the making.


I came across two interesting sites today. The first sells a soap that teaches children how to wash their hands while they are washing their hands. Kind of a learn by doing approach. The trick is that the dispenser has an ink blotter on top that will dispense an ink mark on your childs hand when they dispense the soap. The ink is designed to come off after 15-20 seconds of scrubbing.

The second site I found from an article about using a timer to help your children learn to concentrate. Perhaps I should consider this technique as opposed to the lecture approach that tends to get abstracted and abstracted and overly generalized.

Lisa says:
I just overheard Micah tell Hannah that he’s got girls figured out…..
SeanK says:
Lisa says:
they all just try to distract boys.
Lisa says:
“Daddy told him so, and he’s a professional!”
SeanK says:
Lisa says:
I thought you’d appreciate that.
Lisa says:
Your influence knows no bounderies.
Lisa says:
SeanK says:
I’m blogging this

Recently we have had signs that a mole had made his home in our yard splitting his time between our vegetable garden and mom’s flower garden. Yesterday morning, Micah surprised us when he came to the door holding a live mole. Apparently the mole had come out of his hole and before he could get back in, Micah grabbed him.

Micah and the mole

Since then we have learned all kinds of things about mole. They squeak when you hold them. They eat their weight in earthworms everyday. If you are bit by a wild animal you need to call the state health department to see if that species is on the rabies list. The big one in Washington is bats! Luckily moles currently are not on the list.



Finally, we learned this morning that a mole can escape a 5 gallon bucket filled halfway with dirt. I didn’t think they could jump or climb vertical surfaces twice their body length, but I was wrong. So the mole is on the loose again, but we have an experinced hunter!