This year, the first thing we did to celebrate Independence Day was complete our bunkbed project. During the last part of last year we bought outstanding online plans to build our own triple bunkbed for our three girls. We bought the wood using gift certificates we received over the holidays. On Saturdays in January and February we cut, routed, sanded and drilled the wood. In early March we primed it. Just last week we painted it and this morning we assembled it amidst much celebration.

Triple Bunkbed

For now we are using sleeping bags and camping pads, but we will get real mattresses eventually. Now we are heading over to have steak and shrimp with the family and then toward dark we are planning to go to the Chris’ home in unincorporated King County where we will “light the night fantastic.”

Recently we have had signs that a mole had made his home in our yard splitting his time between our vegetable garden and mom’s flower garden. Yesterday morning, Micah surprised us when he came to the door holding a live mole. Apparently the mole had come out of his hole and before he could get back in, Micah grabbed him.

Micah and the mole

Since then we have learned all kinds of things about mole. They squeak when you hold them. They eat their weight in earthworms everyday. If you are bit by a wild animal you need to call the state health department to see if that species is on the rabies list. The big one in Washington is bats! Luckily moles currently are not on the list.



Finally, we learned this morning that a mole can escape a 5 gallon bucket filled halfway with dirt. I didn’t think they could jump or climb vertical surfaces twice their body length, but I was wrong. So the mole is on the loose again, but we have an experinced hunter!

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  • June 2, 2006

 Our families favorite restuarant opened a new location in downtown Redmond. While we were only the second ones there. I’m sure we had several first among use. First soy sauce dripped on the table. First rice spilled on the floor. First nose and hand prints on the glass windows. A good time was had by all. Here is a before and after shot I took with my cellphone.



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  • May 19, 2006

Dads @ Microsoft organized their first movie night. We all gathered in a larger meeting room, ate pizza and watched Chicken Little. A good time was had by all.

Micah, Abigail and Hannah


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  • May 6, 2006

While Mommy was away at a Ladies Conference, the kids and I blew the dust off the motorhome and took it for a trip.Abigail, Micah, Hannah and Lydia

The kids enjoyed stepping out of the motorhome into a forrest.


Micah climbed anything that didn’t move. 


Abigail found all sorts of interesting creatures. 

Lydia and Micah

And everyone enjoyed throwing rocks into Puget Sound.

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  • March 11, 2006





Most of my friends don’t believe me when I tell them that my kids favorite restaurant is Sushiland. They love the conveyor belt thing and they are willing to try stuff I won’t even eat. I didn’t start eating Sushi myself until I starting working in the Windows division at Microsoft. The only thing my co-workers would do together outside of work is eat Sushi, so I learned to enjoy it. Now the whole family get excited if I suggest going out for dinner.