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  • September 28, 2012

So we’re in the car, and Hannah asks for the radio. Mom says, “We can sing: La, la, lala, la!” Dad cuts in with, “La, la, lala la la, la lalah la la lah!” Cue “Ah, come on!” from me, playing along.

Mom turns on the radio. It’s Sail. Final bridge to chorus. “La la la lalah, la la la lalah, oh…”

Here it comes…

This time for real…


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  • March 5, 2009

T’was during World War II,

I had a red balloon.

It was much like a fish,

And it glowed as the moon.

I also had a suit

With pom-poms on each boot.

It had a robot pup;

The pup could play the flute.

I had a bottle too,

That, when I pulled the ring,

It made a little “Pop!”,

And out came lots of string.

But all these things are gone;

I do not have them now.

For during World War II,

My stuff just went, “Ka-pow!”

I made this corny little poem as a school assignment, and got dad to LOL.

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  • February 3, 2009

Hi all! I found this awesoume new game: Portal! It allows youto create portals through sections of rooms, and then travel nearly anywhere! Here’s the link for the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_(video_game).

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  • January 28, 2009

Hi! I’m terribly sorry that I can’t post the codes for my levels in the Mario level editor, but I do have a level website: http://smfforum.phpbb88.com/forum.html

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  • January 24, 2009

A bit of good news: I found version three of super mario flash. It has three new monsters, a few new pipe pieces, and (my fave) warp points! Here’s the URL: http://pouetpu.pbwiki.com/SMF_480X360

Hi! A few years ago, I found an interesting game. It’s basically a sledder that slides over any line you write. It’s really simple and doesn’t take too long to have fun with. Here it is: http://linerider.com/play-line-rider-online

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  • January 21, 2009

Hello again! This time, I’m posting about one of my favorite movie series, Blue Dragon. This series is about six adventurous youths, on a quest to stop their nemesis, Lord Nene, ruler of the Gran Kingdom (yes, I know, but that’s how it’s spelled) and intent on controlling the world. As the group travels from village to village, past stopping at the defeat of Nene, they find new friends and learn how to control and strengthen their ultimate weapon, shadows. From simple villages to flying fortresses, this is truly an unforgettable adventure.

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  • January 20, 2009

Hello again! Recently, my grandmother gave our family a set of books (Warriors), and ever since I haven’t been able to stop reading. The books are awesome! They’re about four groups (Clans) of wild cats, and not lions and tigers, but housecat-sized cats who live in the forest and have their own set of beliefs and codes that they follow. As cats in the clans progress in age, they go through different levels of life, starting with kithood and progressing all the way to the rank of elder (kit, apprentice, warrior, elder). There are also three other ranks: medicine cat, deputy, and leader. Each rank holds special priveledges. Read for yourself and see!

Hi everyone! I’m new at this, but I have to start someday, so here goes.

A while back, I was trying to find a level designer for New Super Mario Bros. for DS. I didn’t find it, but I did find a sweet Mario and Luigi game and level editor.

It has a pretty good 1-player story mode, but the best part is the level editor. The fun part about it is the near-unlimited different levels you can make, but it’s also cool because of the drag-and-drop level designing process. I’ve made two interesting levels, and dozens are being shared on the Internet. Please try it! ‘Bye!