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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I just finished my first week as a full stack web developer. It was awesome, mostly because of the great people I get to work with, but also because there were so many new things to learn. Developing on a Mac, using Git and Github for source control, PivotalTracker for scrum management, Slack for chatting with everyone whether they are in the office or not, oh yeah and Google Apps for everything else. Aside from the technology change there is also a culture change. Where at Microsoft, I worked in my own private office and everyone used email to communicate with everyone, even if they were in the office next door. Here, the whole company is in one big room and so you just look up and chat with whoever or maybe they slide their chair (or roll their yoga ball for the younger employees) over and work in a spontaneous group. So what did I learn in my first week?

  • I learned many keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, Atom & iTerm.
  • I learned tons of markdown and the differences in how it is parsed and displayed in Atom and on Github.
  • I learned how to archive repos from Github and connect to file servers on Macs.
  • I learned how to identify merged branches on Git.
  • I learned how to identify unmerged branches on Git and create bundles of all the changes in a branch.
  • I learned how to do Pull Requests and Code Reviews on Github.
  • I learned where the /etc/hosts file is on Windows and why I’d want to use it.
  • Finally, I learned about the .gitattributes file, but that deserves its own post.