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As Fall gracefully leaves, the beautiful Winter stalks out quietly. She gently covers buildings and cars with a thin, pure layer of frost. The winds blow colder and the animals scurry to their shelters to sleep through it. Winter leans over and touches the waters, freezing the top of every river and stream and brook. However, she frowns at the oceans, for their wildness she cannot tame. She sends the clouds to cover the sky and scatters snowflakes o’er the lands below. She stacks the snow either inches or feet high and covers the ground. She watches as the young children play in her creation and she witnesses the older ones gazing in awe at the magnificence of her work. She sends gails and winds to shake the trees and send the children inside before she makes her most favorite thing of all. Blizzards. The winds pickup speed. The ice on the roads and the hail in the air make it difficult to see anything. But Winter sees. She smiles and laughs at her creation. Some days she let the wind loose and it whipps around trees and buildings. But most days everything is peaceful and lovely. She’ll continue her work till Spring arrives and begs her to leave. Occasionally Winter can bride Spring into letting her stay longer but not in this scenario. Winter’s tears freeze in the snow as she melts away slowly, not to see her beautiful work for a long while.

He he!