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  • August 30, 2010

Falls coming up and I’m going to describe it. Don’t know why….

 Summer’s brilliance slowly fades into the distance and Autumn shyly peeks her head out. She is seemingly inferior to Summer’s glory and radiance at first. She starts small. Wispy breezes  float down from the mountains.The leaves change color slowly at first, only gradually becoming a soft yellow green. She gently urges the animals to collect food before Winter comes. The days turn chilly and Autumn watches in silent joy as young people cuddle together in front of the blazing fire. The leave continue slowly changing, the winds pick up speed. Then  Autumn glides gracefully out of hiding. The leaves fall from the trees in magnificent shades of ambers, and yellows, and oranges. She tenderly drapes the land in a thick fog, engulfing the horizon with the clouds. A gust scatters to the wind the pile of leaves a child had gathered together. Some days the sun shines, but some days the rain comes pouring down. It drips through the gaps in the trees and soaks the ground in it’s wake. Autumn peers down at the children skipping in the mud. She giggles in glee and continues her work. The rain soon stops and she brings out the sun as she strolls through the grain field. She adds a breeze for good measure and watches in bliss as the stalks wave in the wind. She observes the harvesters and their machines picking the grain. After four months of delightful labor the branches hang bare, the animals begin hibernation, and all is prepared for Winter’s arrival. In sadness, Autumn bids farewell to Earth and greets Winter as he approaches to begin his work. With one last longing glance, Autumn departs, yearning for the day when she may come again….

K’ay, so, that’s about it…. hope y’all like it.


I have no idea what I’m doing… I guess I’m posting on my dad’s website. Um… Oh ya, Photography, that’s right. Ok, so, I’m currently interested in photography. I’m not that good but I’m working on it and I hope to become better than papa-san someday. I’m going to atempt to post some pictures now, but I don’t know if it’ll work.

So there’s that one.

 It's taller than me...

And that one.

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  • August 18, 2010

Unfortunately, I was too young to vote when he was running.

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  • August 3, 2010

Now here is a government works program I could get behind. This is really exciting.