Math is easy!


I can remember when I got to a certain point in school where I thought Math was easy. After all, at that point it was just addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and I had do it over and over for so many years that I figured I had Mathematics mastered. As I continued to grow, I learned about Algebra, then Geometry, then Trigonometry, then Linear Algebra, then Calculus, in college I continued to learn about Differential Equations, then Rings and Fields, then Combinatorics, Numerical Analysis, Probability, it wasn't until this year that I heard of Quaternions. I've now come to the realization that Math is a gigantnormus subject and I am fooling myself if I think I could ever master it.

The same thing happened today with programming when I read the following introduction to template metaprogramming on Wikipedia. Programming has become an equally enormous field where no one can expect to know everything. What will they think of next?