Secondlife Evolution

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I've been spending a lot of my free time these last few weeks playing in Second Life. Micah has been teasing me whenever he sees me just checking email or browsing the web he says, "Dad, why aren't you living?" Anyway, while wandering around Second Life looking around and copying everything that wasn't tied down (I'm a pack rat, digital or otherwise), I came across this evolution display in The Forest of Kahruvel, Cowell (182, 73, 26). And it struck me that this illustrates perfectly the pointlessness I see in the Evolution/Creation debate. Both sides are trying to explain the world in terms of what they know, arrogantly asserting that what they know is indeed correct. And therefore over confident that they can build on it to create theories about things they know nothing (or very little) about.

It's just as silly as someone in Second Life asserting that the Second Life world is built out of geometric primitives and that the Avatars share these same characteristics and therefore must have "evolved" from these simple primitives into complex sets of geometric primitives. That's just silly. Any graphic developer would tell you that this would be very inefficient and that the Avatars are more likely spline based freeform surface models. Anyway, my hat goes off to whoever created the display, it made me think and reflect. That's what good art does!

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I just can't resist... (updated link, original was dead)

p.s. The sculpture you discovered is called, “Primolution” and was created by the talented prim wrangler, Stella Costello. I agree that it is a great conversation starter/thought provoker and it caught my eye when I found it at her studio some months back. - Salazar Jack