I have found my Homepage


I almost never use my homepage, in fact for the longest time I always set it to about:blank. I typically launch my browser by pressing the Windows-R key and typing the url in the run box. I am now trying to change that habit because I have finally found a great homepage. POPURLS.COM is the one stop shop for what is happening in the world. This is the newspaper of the 21st century. Breaking news stories are ranked by my peers and mashed up together in one place. While Flickr and Google Video become the new comics section. Coupons, Crosswords, Sudoku and so forth are readily available elsewhere on the internet. It's awesome, I've never been this satisfied after reading a newspaper.

Update: POPURLS is no more, but upstract seems to do the same thing. Homepages aren't really a thing anymore... maybe they should be.